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Fee and Commission Schedule

Last Updated: 4/23/2021


The use of Truffle Board services is free of charge, however, orders in any way originating on Truffle Board and/or executed through Truffle Board will incur a maximum 20.0% referral fee on the net order value (total order value less any taxes, duties, shipping costs, and less promotions or discounts provided to you by Truffle Board) paid to Truffle Board. Referral fees include processing fees accrued by Truffle Board. Referral fees will be added to your Truffle Board invoice. We reserve the right to modify our fee structure at any time.


During the beta period sellers in good standing will see the referral fee reduced from 20% to 3% to cover Truffle Board payment processor fees.

Active Sellers remaining in good standing will benefit from a reduced referral fee according to this schedule:

Sells previous month

Referral Fee

First sell of the calendar year


more than 30 transactions or more than $10,000


more than 15 transactions or more than $5,000


more than 5 or more than $1,500


more than 2 and more than $600




Processing Fees

Payment processing fee, per transaction, as charged by Truffle Board’s payment processor are included into the Referral fees. Processing fees may change from time to time, without prior notice.

Bank Fees

Truffle Board is not responsible for any transaction fees which may be charged by your bank when making