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Worldwide buyers

Introduce the world to your truffles by tapping into our global network of verified buyers directly from your pocket

Fair market value

Let the market drive the best prices for your truffles while remaining in control of every transaction

Establish your brand

Connect and form relationships with world-class buyers to etablsih yourself in the market

Simplify your business

Easy and affordable shipping

Secure the best shipping and tracking with our automated shipping processes. Now, you can focus on what you do best – producing quality truffles.

Easy invoicing

We create and issue your invoices, sent instantly to buyers. No need to search for information and documents.

Get clear on taxes & duties

We calculate and gather taxes and duties on your truffles sales, guiding you every step of the way.

Risk free

Create auctions and collect secure payments seemlessly and free of charge. No contract, no commitments, no hidden fees.

Buy on TruffleBoard

Are you looking for truffles? Do you want to try other type of truffles? Do you need truffles outside of your season? See how Truffle Board can provide you fresh truffles year round.
Buy on TruffleBoard

App features

Determine your auction style

Choose your auction style: enable buys on a first come first serve basis or let your customers place counter-bids.


Learn from the truffle market. Follow auctions you like and we’ll notify you of any updates so you don't miss a beat.
Truffle board mobile app.

Stand out: Story sells

Enhance your auction listings with amazing photos and pertinent descriptions that tells the buyer the story behind your truffles.

Payment dashboard

View your payments and transactions in one dashboard, using our safe payment provider.

Your partner in business

The Caporal family standing together on the truffle farm.
Truffle Board is a worldwide marketplace for fresh culinary truffles and is the brain child of Fabrice Caporal.
“As a truffle farmer, I wanted to create an easy to use marketplace for culinary truffles where quality producers can reliably get the best value for the result of their hard work.“

- Fabrice

Truffle Board, LLC is a California based company and was founded in 2020. Fabrice and his wife are the founders of Clos Racines, the biggest known truffle farm in California and is an active member of the North American Truffle Growers Association.

International reach

We operate in the United States and are expecting rapid growth!
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