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Sell on TruffleBoard

Are you a farmer or a wholeseller? You want to sell your truffles worldwide and share with others? Check what you can expect from us.
Sell on TruffleBoard

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Fabrice Caporal and his wife.
Truffle Board is a worldwide marketplace for fresh culinary truffles and is the brain child of Fabrice Caporal.
“I wanted to create an open marketplace for culinary truffles, and lift the veil of secrecy and suspicion looming over the truffle industry. We hope to enable chefs to confidently serve the finest quality truffles to their guests.“

- Fabrice

Truffle Board, LLC is a California based company and was founded in 2020. Fabrice and his wife are the founders of Clos Racines, the biggest known truffle farm in California and is an active member of the North American Truffle Growers Association.

International reach

We operate in the United States and are expecting rapid growth!
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