Tubber borchii (Source Wikimedia Commons)

Scientific Name

Tuber borchii

Common Names

Bianchetto, whitish truffle, white spring truffle


January – March


T. borchii is from 1-3 cm (0.39-1.18 in) in size and rounded, with a tuber-like appearance, often bony or irregular. The exterior is slightly velvety and white at first, and when mature it has a smooth, reddish ochre surface with brown markings. It has a compact consistency and, when sectioned, the interior is whitish when young, light ochre or pinkish brown with age. A series of white, twisted and branched veins run through the interior.


Young specimens give off a pleasant smell, but when mature they give off an unpleasant smell reminiscent of kitchen gas. The flavor is described by some as garlicky, by others as similar to hazelnuts and as having a sharp cheesy/garlicky aroma.


Naturally occurring in the Mediterranean region, farmed in the USA.

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