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Scientific Name

Tuber magnatum

Commmon Names

White truffle, Piedmont white truffle, Alba truffle


October – December


Considered the most valuable truffle and is often the reference for the idea that truffles carry astronomical prices.

Very irregular in form, lobed, gibbous, sometimes flattened, 2-6 (-15) cm in size, smooth in appearance but minutely papillose under the lens, pale ochre, sometimes greenish. The gleba (“skin”) is firm, solid, soapy texture, whitish at first, becoming pale yellow, ochre brown, reddish brown, often with flesh-red spots, marbled with numerous, thin, whitish, meandering, anastomosing veins. Varied widely in size and because of its price, it is often sold in pieces.


One of the most aromatic truffle species with a strong aroma composed of a complex mixture of methane gas, fermented cheese and garlic. Taste is strong and garlicky.

Note: Most “truffle oils” do not contain any truffle flavor in it but they are spiked with chemical agents attempting to reproduce the natural aroma of T. magnatum.


Naturally found in Italy (Alba), but also along rivers in Croatia, Slovenia and France. No commercial farming yet, but a few experiments claim to have successfully produced T. magnatum.

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