Tuber gibbosum
Tuber gibbosum
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Scientific Name

Tuber gibbosum

Common Names

Oregon white truffle, Spring Oregon white truffle


January – June


Closely related to Tuber oregonense both in appearance and in distribution, but Tuber gibbosum have different growing seasons.

Relatively small white truffles characterized by a cinnamon to yellowish brown peridium (“skin”), and a dense, yellowish brown gleba (“flesh”). The peridium is composed of interwoven hyphae.


The truffle is highly prized for its taste and aroma. Immature truffles have very little aroma.

These truffles need to be handled with care. Improper storage can transform the strong and complex aroma into an unpleasant scent reminiscent of diesel fuel.


Found only in the wild of the the Pacific Northwest region of North America (northern California into British Columbia). Some individuals have claimed success in cultivating the truffles in Christmas tree farms.

Dog harvested truffles tend to be of better quality as the dog tend to identify mature truffles. Raking indiscriminately gets all truffles, ripe or not, and results in unreliable crop quality.

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