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Scientific Name

Tuber macrosporum

Common Names

Smooth black truffle


October – January


The truffles are roughly spherical to irregular in shape, and typically measure 0.5 to 2 centimeters (0.25 to 0.75 inch) in diameter, rarely are they greater than 5 cm or 2 in. Weight ranges between 15 and 200 g. The surface color ranges from reddish brown to rust to blackish. Warts on the fruit body surface are relatively flat, so that the truffle appears fairly smooth. The truffle flesh is purplish brown to grey-brown with thin white veins.

These truffles can store better than most other truffles.


Tuber macrosporum is appreciated for its intense garlic-like odor similar to the Italian white truffle (Tuber magnatum).


Naturally occurring in Europe.

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